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Welcome to Manonjaya Town

Welcome to Manonjaya

MANONJAYA is one of the town of Tasikmalaya district, West Java, Indonesia. Located about 10 km southeast of the city of Tasikmalaya, or precisely located at coordinates -7 ° 21 '58.89 ", +108 ° 18' 4:44". The trip takes approximately 20 minutes by car.

Areas that limit MANONJAYA district are:
North: Ciamis City, Separated by a river named "Citanduy" and a bridge over which was build at Dutch era: "Cirahong" Bridge.
South: "Gunung Tanjung" District
West: "Cibeureum" District
East: "Cineam" District

Weather temperature ranges from 20 ° Celsius to 30 ° Celsius, and has a width of about 3.215.21 hectares. Most of the land used for rice farming. Commodities in the region rely are rice, vegetables, fruit "Salak", and "Mendong" (main ingredient mat maker)

99.99% population of religion of Manonjaya are moslems. MANONJAYA is one of the Islamic center in West Java, evidenced by the many Islamic schools in this area. One is the famous "Nurul Huda" Islamic School.


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